with the participation of topless dj from Ukraine Baby Face

The first Serbian Playboy Playmate Tikveљ calendar for 2012 has been presented in overcrowd club Opposite in Belgrad at 22 o'clock on Playboy VIP party. A lot of guests had a possibility to feel an atmosphere of shooting for a calendar, as well as to see girls on the big screens in the intricate stages.Journalists, photographers and television cameramen could not allocate the objectives from very attractive special guest DJ Baby Face, who arrested to itself the eyes, ears and showers of all audience, that having got it up in hot atmosphere of evening!And the first furious applause was broken by one of Serbian Playboy candidate when she has joined guests, posing from the last number of magazine Playboy and special Tikveљ calendar. Club guests also had a unique possibility to visit Playmate TV show Pink, which transmits every Saturday at 23.30.



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VIP evening-party of Playboy

VIP evening-party of Playboy Moet & Chandon has taken a place in the capital of Serbia

VIP party of magazine PLAYBOY(Serbia)Moet & Chandon took a place in the overcrowded to the limit best casino of Belgrade Diva Lounge Grand Cazino on Friday 9.12.

It was not easy to force through the dense crowd of video and photo reporters to the applicants on the title of Serbia Playmate Una Gruzhich, Soraya Vucelich, Martina Raich, Ivana Mladovich, Anastasiya and Isidore Budzheich .

Indeed managers succeeded to achieve the mega VIP atmosphere. Champagne Moet literally flowed like the river. Plenty of Serbia play divas glamour, stylishness and beauty dazzled.

Ukrainian Topless dj Esskimo was the special guest and flavour of evening.

Eccentric Ukrainian topless diva blended in the refined atmosphere of Vip party very organic.

A surroundings of first ladies Play Boy, who opened the bottles of champagne straight at the dj table during the set, raised the evening temperature.

A slipped details of clothes both Ukrainian and Serbian beauties pointed the natural and relaxed atmosphere of the real Play Boy party.

There were Sergey Trifunovich,  Raka Marich, Marko Zhivich, Rada Radenovich  and many other famous Serbians on this resonance event.

The party had the great resonance. And such party was planed to become the regular one in 2012 according to the agreement of Serbian Play Boy and Ukrainian booking company

Leading manager of production MOET&CHANDON  acknowledged  Dj Esskimo  as the naturally-beautiful on this evening-party and said a few words about it:  «Esskimo  showed us the really beauty — beauty of Ukraine. To be natural outwardly means to be the real in the soul.»


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There is another nut to crack in Asia

While Ukrainian social movement Femen activists attack public places in the capitals of Central Europe, their countrywomen Ukrainian topless dj move on the Asiatic continent very successfully. And another hard nut to crack of Asia came to the heel of the Ukrainian queens. It was in Samsung motherland for this time, in the largest club of South Korea capital ‘Holic’.

World sexiest dj duo Shahmat aren’t first Ukrainian topless dj appeared on Holic stage. There were djane Jullyloop from the company of and colleagues of topless Duo workshop fabulous duet Diamonds before it. It was notably, that the stage of the greatest club in Seoul is the first place, where, though at different times, both starry Ukrainian topless Duo have showed unsurpassed skill, wrapped up in the erotic show of beauty and grace of the Ukrainian divas.

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Sometimes it`s hardness to imagine the artistic forms which at times topless girl djs industry accepts. It was resolved to close a summer club season by quite new exclusive party concept in Turkish city Didim (Turkey) on disco “Medusa”. For this time party concept will be named Girl Djs Gladiators battle. There are three Ukrainian djane Mata Hari ( – a partner of topless dj duo Shah&mat, an exotic t-dj Esskimo ( and quite young dj Koxy ( ) will be met on dj stage.
The author of idea and producer of dj Belena an indefatigable Kolbasechniy have taken a role of referee and MC.
It`s symbolical, that a club “Medusa” is located literally in 10 minutes from the ancient Apollo temple (Apollo temple) and not nearly far from the world known ancient city — Ephesus (Ephesus ), which the participants of battle have visited the day
I doubt whether needs to be expected of bloody spectacle, and also won and winners, music and beauty will win certainly.

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Summer time — Show time

The summer season has immediately opened at the same time in three
hot spots of tourism for Topless Dj duo Shah & Mat and Topless Dj Mata
Hari: «Itaka» Odessa (Arcadia), «Discovery» Yalta and «Medusa» Didim

At June 18 at the scene of «Discovery» erupted erotic show duet with
cream and a shower of champagne. And just 4 days later Sexy
Performance of burlesque Topless Dj Mata Hari made the heart and other
parts of the body flutter even of the sophisticated audience of

And finally, a triumphant performance with the MC Sedat at Grand
Opening Party at the club «Medusa» where every one is always looking
forward the performances of Topless Dj Duo Shah & Mat.

It looks like summer is going to be hot and sexy.

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Beautiful heat in winter! Mediterranean Clubs

Seems like LaDJane grows popularity of Ukrainian girls on the Mediterranean coast. Since the beginning of the new year LaDJane has tours in Turkey, Istanbul, Izmir and Antalya. In January dj duo Shah & mat, Esskimo and Baby Face joined Ukrainian Play-girl party project of laDJane!

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Topless DJane Belena conquers China

topless dj belena in chinaThe world Sexiest Playgirl DJane spinned her records for the first time in Shanghai at Sky Club.
As we already know, playgirl DJ Belena is USA official playboy playmate and recognized as the world's sexiest DJane.
Belena plays in two styles: BElectro house and Retro Vandalism. She actually is unique girl-DJ playing electro-remixes of classic Russian pop and old rock music, Disco 80-90 and, if necessary, will amuse the world with sexual BElectro.
Therefore Belena is actively invited not only in clubs, but she is involved in corporate movement at the highest level.
In nearest plans there are series of shows with Anfisa Chehova, a tour around the central Europe: Iceland, Switzerland, PlayBoy Party (Ibiza) and the best resorts of the Mediterranean coast of Turkey.

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Topless DJ duo Shah Mat at Salinas Club

topless dj dou shah mat at salinas clubThe first Topless DJ duo Shah Mat just performed at Salinas Club, wich is in Bodrum, Turkey.
Really good club near to the warm Black Sea, nice people and high-quality House music from beautiful girls. What more would you want?

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AKG Scholarship of Sound

photo mixerGreat news from AKG, the manufacturer of high performance studio, broadcast and live sound equipment!
They are offering ten talented electronic music producers and students from across Europe the unique chance to take part in the first edition of the AKG Scholarship of Sound. The Scholarship, taking place in Berlin in August 2010, will provide a life changing opportunity for participants to develop a greater understanding of sound, music production and audio engineering under the tutelage and guidance of highly respected artists, music producers and music professionals.
The 10 finalists will receive the following:
— Return flights to Berlin
— Accommodation for seven days
— AKG Sound experts learning sessions
— Tutoring sessions with acclaimed audio engineers
— Mentoring sessions with successful DJs and producers
— Workshops hosted in partnership with music technology companies
— Discovery of some of Berlin’s most famous cultural institutions
Deadline for submissions: Sunday 13th June 2010, so go ahead for more info and register if you qualify.

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Carte Blanche

topless dj night carte blanchI must have been told you about this event earlier, but that was so good, that I just became speechless :)
The huge party took place 19th of May at the Silk club and the party was gorgeous! Just imagine: 4 drop dead gorgeous, completely topless lady DJ's spins back to back on 4 Pioneer decks to get you going through out the night, with session of tech house, electro and progressive music to RnB hip-hop top 40's!

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