Topless DJ duo Diamonds

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Topless DJ DiamondsEveryone loves music. Music is one of the greatest pleasures in everybody's life. It's even better when it is combined with another, even greater pleasure—the beauty of female bodies.
Topless DJanes Diamonds are a bright example of musical luxury and sexuality. Original appearance, demeanor and girls’ credo made them lawmakers of hedonistic style in house music.
They love their bodies and they like to show them, in the rhythm of musical compositions with frank demonstration of their sexuality. Passionate kisses and almost naked bodies, gave to their music an erotic attraction.
Creativity of Diamonds is a combination of sexuality and perfect musical taste with beauty and master dj-ing, rallied in a blameless manner. The domination of beautiful female bodies and the quality of the musical content excites and pleasantly surprises. DJ Diamonds—is the first DJ-duo wich combines the luxury, the exquisite sexuality of their bodies and the undeniable talent.
The nuances of girls’ style are created by leading stylists and designers of Kyiv, in particular—Anastasiya Zaiceva, who taking into accounts modern trends and unchanging aesthetic values. The luxury and sexuality in a refined musical facet—that's what DJ Diamonds are all about.

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Topless DJ Sahara

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Topless DJ Sahara This pretty smart girl with such a smoking hot nickname — Anna Sahara — started her DJ career recently and it was like an explosion! At first she was a successful model (Miss Sensuality 2005, Miss Charm 2004 in Moscow and Miss Aphrodita 2004 in Greece ) and a Go-Go dancer in prime clubs in Moscow such as: Gorod, Dyaghilev, Neo and so on. But the girl was willing to advance and so she learnt djing. Her favourite style of music is Electro. That's because it has the most powerful sexuality. Anna Sahara also likes how the word “Electro” sounds like, and she feels unlimited energy in it. Her show contains stripping and spinning — is an unforgettable experience. Nobody can stay calm and cold with her power of beauty and sexuality! The atmosphere in clubs becomes so very hot in seconds!!! As hot as Anna Sahara herself.

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Topless DJ Sexation

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Topless DJ Sexation This beautiful Djane becomes a Queen on every party she performs.
While playing a high quality and happy house music, Dj Sexation is doing a great show. This gives true happy atmosphere and unforgettable event. Every boy is falling in love with her and every girls is dreaming to be in her shoes, meanwhile Queen of the club is working and sending a special kisses as a present to make a great night.

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Topless DJ Mari Ferrari

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Topless DJ Mari Ferrari Breathtaking Topless DJ Mari Ferrari started her career in the end of 2007. But since then Mari had a long tour by Russian cities and also in USA, Finland, France, Poland, Romania , Germany, Bulgaria, Spain, Portugal, Indonesia, Turkey, Georgia and so on...

DJ Mari Ferrari is the only Girl DJ from Russia who has been working with worldwide brands and clubs:
EuroVision 2009 parties in Moscow, Fashion TV, USA PlayBoy Magazine, Maxim Magazine Parties Bulgaria, Platon Film Russia, Miami Winter Music Conference, Hed Kandy (USA), in clubs Escape (Bulgaria), Platinum (Bulgaria and Sweden), BBox (France), Aura-Rain-Moon (USA), Sheraton Hotel, Vip Rooms, High club, etc.

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