Topless DJ Niki Belucci

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Topless DJ Nikki Belucci

Niki Belucci is all about the beauty, health, eroticism, desire, freedom, charm, allurement, sexuality and energy. The beautiful Niki was well known for her gymnastics achievements when she was 15 years old. But she had to stop doing sports on the apparatus after a serious injury. At this moment she possess 21 gold, 12 silver, 8 bronze medals and 2 sport cups as a sportswomen of the Ferencvarosi Gymnastic Club. She has finished in the Secondary School of Catering Trade but she has worked not too long in her profession. Then, she was shop assistant in an underclothes shop where she was turned to connection with erotic photography and in soon she found herself in porn profession as an actress.

Nikki spent 6 months in this field as a pornographic actress and she appeared in 29 hardcore films. After that, Nikki Belucci decides to quit the porn industry to become a DJ as it was her former hobby. At that time she has already been roaming small clubs with her vinyl plates entertaining people. Niki launched herself into club life in the autumn of 2003. Thanks to her talent and ability she had about 160 performances per year in Hungary and in the neighboring countries and new gates were opened to her in 2006 mainly abroad. After touring the world 2 years, Niki was approached by Unlimited Sounds, home of the D.O.N.S and Jerry Ropero to release her next single and a mix compilation worldwide. So the story continues...


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Topless DJ duet ShahMat


Dj duet ShahMat

Djane duo Shah&Mat is the world sexiest and probably the most beautiful and extravaganza dj couple not having analogues ever. The duo appears on electronic market comparatively not long ago but it’s already famous and spoken all around. A lot of invitations to events and parties come every day.

ShahMat is a contrast of characters, plasticity, mood, music. And also the hair color. It’s really the duo of two queens: the day and the night, the light and the darkness, the past and the future…

Black Queen was going through the model, dancer, belly dancer career and after all became well known dj Mata Hari. Her own style and eccentricity already fired up the most fashionable night clubs with truly Arabic rhythms, hot mixes and erotic performances.

White Queen was a model since she was 15. She has already got used to be a star. As titled Miss Crimea she appeared on magazine covers, music videos and adverts really often. She always loved music. She was addicted to trendy clubs and fashionable lifestyle. She tries to sing, dance, design, write lyrics, play music. Her friends are designers, musicians and djs. Having refused the offer to be with big businessman, she changed golden cage with diamonds for freedom and search.

Once upon a time Black Queen, known as dj Mata Hari, met the hostage of the richness, who was even called «the wife of a Shah» on the Fashion TV party in Cairo. They instantly liked each other and found out that they have common vision of life and music.

Idea comes immediately! The project, which was based on the contrasts, but in the same time looks very similar and united. Beautiful and sexy. With powerful music end sexy performance. That moment the extravagant dj duo was born.

The name of the project came up instantly. It is based on the different hair colors, different tempers, parts of the name Mata Hari and the nickname of «the wife of the Shah». Also they found out that «Shahmat» means «the end of the governing» so there was no doubt anymore.

The success of the project was proved by the very first performances that became a furor!

Rulers, we dare you to play Shahmat’s party!

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Topless DJ Esskimo

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topless dj Esskimo

At the age of 14 ran away from the village of Lawrence where she was sexual slave of Russian diamond king to Kiev. And she plunged headlong into the jungle of night metropolis. Her exotic appearance attracted producers, choreographers and TV show directors so she has filmed in a few clips. Once being in the club Patipa she was very impressed by the show of DJ Belena and wanted to become a DJ. Snuck backstage and met with Belena and her producer Kolbasechniy. So they took her as go-go support for Belena project. There were a lot of opportunities to learn. Soon she was able to play during the set while DJ-diva was changing her clothes. And the Turkish Mediterranean tour of Belena went by with the warming of DJ Hara Kiri.

Since the end of the summer she became an independent unit in laDJane. She played in several clubs in Turkey, Switzerland and Italy. In Ukraine (Millennium, The Matrix, Chocolate, etc.). Recently changed her nickname to Esskimo and was booked in several European agencies: Euro-T-DJane (Switzerland) and ToplessDJ (Spain).

Now with the supported of laDJane and personally Kolbasechniy preparing an album with folk instruments of the North. The work title is “Chukcha in the House”. And going for the summer season with Mata Hari’s Secrets tour under the label of PlayGirl Party (a joint Swiss-Ukrainian T-DJ project).
Nowadays she is a proud and free Ukrainian girl from Chukotka who can dance naked on turntable but only when she wants it herself. And she always do!

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Topless DJ duo Diamonds

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Topless DJ DiamondsEveryone loves music. Music is one of the greatest pleasures in everybody's life. It's even better when it is combined with another, even greater pleasure—the beauty of female bodies.
Topless DJanes Diamonds are a bright example of musical luxury and sexuality. Original appearance, demeanor and girls’ credo made them lawmakers of hedonistic style in house music.
They love their bodies and they like to show them, in the rhythm of musical compositions with frank demonstration of their sexuality. Passionate kisses and almost naked bodies, gave to their music an erotic attraction.
Creativity of Diamonds is a combination of sexuality and perfect musical taste with beauty and master dj-ing, rallied in a blameless manner. The domination of beautiful female bodies and the quality of the musical content excites and pleasantly surprises. DJ Diamonds—is the first DJ-duo wich combines the luxury, the exquisite sexuality of their bodies and the undeniable talent.
The nuances of girls’ style are created by leading stylists and designers of Kyiv, in particular—Anastasiya Zaiceva, who taking into accounts modern trends and unchanging aesthetic values. The luxury and sexuality in a refined musical facet—that's what DJ Diamonds are all about.

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Topless DJ Nastazzy

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DJ Nastazzy

Nastazzy is a renaissance djane, she is just a combine of everything — DJ, sax player, MC (Russian), promoter, beauty queen, model. Her set is 90min non-stopping high energy musical-dance-MC performance. She doesn’t wonna keep name of topless dj but in the final of her set she can be open just because of loosing control from party atmosphere made by herself.

Nastya performing with live bands and separate musicians, percussion groups or other DJs. In any case it’s explosion of high positive sexy energy for any kind of party or event.

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Topless DJ Baby Face

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Topless DJ Baby Face

Topless DJ Baby Face

DJane Baby Face is the youngest of the laDJane's deejays, but never the less she definitely has her own taste. This is an explosion of energy and happiness! As her father is a local rock star, Baby Face always perform as a wild and sexy tornado.
With her 1,5 year djing experience this Baby already played for Sharm El Sheikh (Alexandria, Egypt), Rai (Kemer, Turkey), Halikarnas (Bodrum, Turkey), Milan Hollywood, on the Fashion week in Milano and in the most of the ukrainian clubs.
We are looking forward for her future performances in Ibiza's tour «God is DJane» and appearance at «Night Life» TV-Show.

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Topless DJ Katyusha

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Topless DJ Katyusha Beautiful Russian name Katyusha is not just an old russian combat machine of jet artillery, but also a name with boundless breadth and hospitality of Russian soul. Now the World will know and love another russian «bomb» under the name of DJ Katyusha, at he moment she becomes one of the most lovely Reactive Machine that will burn and blow up venues of millions and millions clubs, open-airs, parties with her live and powerful music.

Katyusha is a performance of unstoppable power modern House music, and perfect musical taste make clubbers' hearts to beat in a uniform rhythm under amazing and fascinating sets of DJ Katyusha.

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Topless DJ Ellis Sexton

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Topless DJ Ellis Sexton DJ Ellis Sexton is not just a girl with a beautiful name, but the DJ with a bright sensual nature. She tried herself as a dancer, but music drove her away as a drug so she decided to try herself as a DJ. Brilliant music and original performances are so unusual and involving with powerful eccentricity, and that creates Elli's style as an unique girl-DJ, an image which cannot be forgotten and mistake with someone another.
Innovative and bright image draws an attention to her person. DJ Ellis Sexton plays to express herself and to surprise us with her charm.
DJ Ellis Sexton has begun her career in 2004. The first debut took place at the «the Flying Dutch» ship on May, 28th in day of it's birth. Later Ellis became the resident of this magnificent, one of St.Petersbourg's most popular venues. Also she is a resident of the bright and unusual project «Visitors», played on presentations DJ Romeo «Ibiza the Island» and in one of the best clubs of St.Petersburg «Jakata» on presentation of release French DJ Manu «History de lamur», Also in September Ellis Sexton has been in tour in a Chita, and as in known clubs of Moscow, such as «Zone», «Gallery», «Jet Set». This was a great success as for a girl-DJ. Ellis Sexton played on the global action together with legendary stars Global Deejays, in the best club of city — «Night Office».

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Topless DJ Affecta

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Topless DJ Affecta DJ AFFecta is one of the most talented and demanded DJanes in Russia and worldwide. There's so many people admire her technics of dee-jaying and musical compilations.
One of the first DJs who has started not only to play but also to arrange extravagant show behind the deck. A beginning of her career — 2004. In early 2006 DJ AFFecta has moved in St. -Petersbourg and began to work there, becoming the resident of the most scandalous show «Platinum». Besides she worked as DJ Anja AFFecta as the musician and composer . The combination of bright appearance, breathtaking sexuality, perfect public contact and the magnificent technics made DJ AFFecta so popular.
On April, 19th, 2008, as it was her birthday AFFecta presented new show — a Topless Show! As she has told for press: «I played 5 years, when many undressed, I have achieved the popularity at the expense of the music and only now I have made what i really wanted for a long time, and what everybody really waited for. It helped me very much in so many ways».
Topless DJane AFFEcta became an official Playboy Playmate, having acted in film for Estonian Playboy, she took the first place on a magazine's cover and became Ms. July. In September U.S. Playboy posted about the most sexy girl-DJ the world with special article about DJ AFFecta.

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Topless DJ Aurika

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Topless DJ Aurika TDJ Aurika is a new name in the club culture world, but she had already won hearts of world's music judges. It has begun the career rather recently — in 2009, but she have had time to prove her as highly perspective DJ!
As training DJing she passed in Bergmannstudio, and her teachers was gurus, professionals in the club culture that has left an indelible sign in her career beginning. For now she was spinning records in such clubs as Western (Odessa), the Lascivious Cat (Mariupol), Alexandria (the Sums), Chaplin house (Belgorod), Bodies (Kharkov).
On every performance T-DJ Aurika combines game behind the panel and topless-show perfectly well, and it does not affect at all quality of her sets. This shows not only musical talent, but also bright appearance, grace, crazy power that should subdue you at first sight! Each performance charms and pleases, not only your ear, but also an eye. She shows the magnificent technics of game with ease, and also tremendous plastic arts and elegance of a female body.
Now Topless Dee Jay Aurika is one of the most perspective and submitting rising star DJ. Quality music, quality show that's all about her.

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