Topless DJ Affecta

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    Topless DJ Affecta DJ AFFecta is one of the most talented and demanded DJanes in Russia and worldwide. There's so many people admire her technics of dee-jaying and musical compilations.
    One of the first DJs who has started not only to play but also to arrange extravagant show behind the deck. A beginning of her career — 2004. In early 2006 DJ AFFecta has moved in St. -Petersbourg and began to work there, becoming the resident of the most scandalous show «Platinum». Besides she worked as DJ Anja AFFecta as the musician and composer . The combination of bright appearance, breathtaking sexuality, perfect public contact and the magnificent technics made DJ AFFecta so popular.
    On April, 19th, 2008, as it was her birthday AFFecta presented new show — a Topless Show! As she has told for press: «I played 5 years, when many undressed, I have achieved the popularity at the expense of the music and only now I have made what i really wanted for a long time, and what everybody really waited for. It helped me very much in so many ways».
    Topless DJane AFFEcta became an official Playboy Playmate, having acted in film for Estonian Playboy, she took the first place on a magazine's cover and became Ms. July. In September U.S. Playboy posted about the most sexy girl-DJ the world with special article about DJ AFFecta.

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