Topless DJ Aurika

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Topless DJ Aurika TDJ Aurika is a new name in the club culture world, but she had already won hearts of world's music judges. It has begun the career rather recently — in 2009, but she have had time to prove her as highly perspective DJ!
As training DJing she passed in Bergmannstudio, and her teachers was gurus, professionals in the club culture that has left an indelible sign in her career beginning. For now she was spinning records in such clubs as Western (Odessa), the Lascivious Cat (Mariupol), Alexandria (the Sums), Chaplin house (Belgorod), Bodies (Kharkov).
On every performance T-DJ Aurika combines game behind the panel and topless-show perfectly well, and it does not affect at all quality of her sets. This shows not only musical talent, but also bright appearance, grace, crazy power that should subdue you at first sight! Each performance charms and pleases, not only your ear, but also an eye. She shows the magnificent technics of game with ease, and also tremendous plastic arts and elegance of a female body.
Now Topless Dee Jay Aurika is one of the most perspective and submitting rising star DJ. Quality music, quality show that's all about her.

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